Sunday, September 27, 2009

Excerpt from, "Keeper of the Sword."

Gwaylin pursed his lips, “Of course father since you bid me. There is no other in this city or this land that wishes for the sword keeper to be returned and King be named as much as I do. How am I to go? I have no ship, no captain.”

Then from out of the darkest place of his dark soul a thought came unbidden to his mind. It was his deepest and never spoken of secret. A secret that had been formed long ago when he was in the house of learning, after he read the prophecy of the two for the first time. The picture was as clear as the grey bearded men in the council room.

He stood in a large green field and a plain gold crown adorned his head. The great sword was held high in his right hand. The field was filled to overflowing with all the races of the misty lands. Every one of them was on bended knee and proclaimed him their king.

Gwaylin glanced down at the table so that his thoughts of betrayal would not be seen by his father.

Excerpt from, "Keeper of the Sword."

So intent were the men sitting at the King’s great round table no one looked up. If one of them had, the two dull grey eyes belonging to Drath the stable man staring down at them might have been noticed. His two dull eyes were open wide with wonder. His two dirty ears listened intently, scribing every secret word deep into the mind between them.

If there had of been silence in the council room for a moment someone might have heard him scurrying away from his secret hiding place. However there was too much noise in the chamber and so the skulking man was able to slip away unnoticed.

Excerpt from, "Keeper of the Sword."

Ceallach began his narrative again, “This is the finding stone of Kings and it will guide our brave captain. The light will point the way. It’s written that a true King of Calcaria can look inside and see all that passes in his Kingdom. This stone has been dead since King Danain left.”

“How will this guide the ship,” Gwaylin drummed his fingers on the table again and wondered if the prophecy was true after all.

“I’ll show you,” Ceallach turned the seeing stone first to the north and then to the south.

Excerpt from, "Keeper of the Sword."

Adelard, Aonas, Alstrom and the rangers had left about a horoum ago. Josh knew by now that they would be hiding and waiting for Adelard’s signal. Before he left Adelard had changed the plan a little. When the cry of the silver winged night bird sounded three times, Josh was to kill Morgan’s watchers.

At first Josh’s heart had been pounding in his chest, his hands had been sweaty but now he was calm. He knew he could do this. It would be much easier than shooting fish.


The razor sharp, black feathered bolt of death sailed across the wide clearing as the last krangee-gee sounded in the stillness of the dark time. The second shaft was less than a heartbeat behind.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Excerpt from, "Moon Dark."

Dreams and Nightmares

Heavy eye lids flutter shut over sea green eyes and last angry thoughts fade into slumber. Dreams fill seventeen-year-old, Maria Martins mind. Sweet dreams, of a long ago, happy birthday.

“Go ahead dear, blow out the candles.” Renata Martin gave Maria a gentle, encouraging kiss.

The six-year-old giggled, “I’ll huff and puff until I blow the candles out. A loud, deep inhale is followed by a rush of wind. Six flames flicker out.

Madison Reed shouted, “You missed one Maria.”

Maria squealed,“No I didn’t, silly.” Two eyes opened saucer wide as the little girl stared at her double chocolate cake with pink frosting. Her best friend was right. Somehow, some way a candle had came back to life.

Another rush of wind, once again a candle is extinguished. “There, it’s out now,” but it wasn’t. She tilted her golden haired head upwards toward the laughing face of her mom and giggled. “You tricked me mommy.”

Dreams of happiness fade. Darkness and fear walk inside a young mind.

Maria felt
the cold, rough granite gouging through her thin night dress. Blood drips around the rope, binding slender hands and feet. A long blade is raised high above the being with goat faced head, standing at her right side. Moonlight, faint and silvery flashes on the wicked looking weapon as it descended.

Terrifying screams shatter the silence of the night, “No, no, no.”

A bedroom door squeaks open, an overhead light flicks on, bathing the room with its brilliance.

“What is it girl,” the soft voice is filled with tenderness and love. “You must have had a bad dream.”

A sweat soaked, shivering teen sits up in the old brass bed and presses her tear stained face against her grandmother’s bosom. “It wasn’t a dream Nana, it was real. I was there, I was there, I was there.”

Time clicks past
heels of flame
at last
deep midnight

Moon dark
in evil fullness,
is then born.

sweet innocence
bound tight,
on bitter
of stone.

Pagan hearts
in anticipation
virgin blood.

their hellish master
is appeased,
they will
on bended knees,
his approval
their gift of death.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Excerpt from, "Keeper of the Sword."

CHAPTER 22: Arrows in the Afternoon

Gwanth waited until they were out of earshot before speaking in a low voice “What of these younglings, what manner be they? Be one keeper of the sword?”

Adelard shrugged his broad shoulders, “If one be sword keeper, I be not knowing this. If Breandan does, he keeps such council with him-self.”

“If one be not sword keeper, why bring them here? Why did Aonas have to die? He has long been friend,” Gwanth sounded angry.

Adelard shook his head, “These things I do not know and when I would have council with the seer his answer is always the same. They be here because of the prophecy. If all must die to spare them, then all must die because their lives have more worth than any other that dwell in these lands.”

“What manner of younglings be they? Have you knowing?” Gwanth looked deep into the ranger’s eyes.

Adelard replied in a low voice, “This I do have knowing of. When they first came to Aonas they had no courage and they behaved worse than younglings of four snows. No joy had they from anything. Josh broke oath and Morgan was always angry. They trembled when ever their shadows walked in front of them but now they have the hearts of the Catilyn people. When Aonas was killed Morgan attacked the Granth.”

Gwnth said, “That be a foolish thing.”

Adelard shook his head and frowned, “No, it wasn't foolish. It’s what you or I would do, this you know. As for the youngling male, he's becoming a mighty warrior. He’s quick with a sword, though he does not yet have a man’s full strength. He’s also deadly at throwing a dagger and none I know can equal him with the bow. The youngling female too learns the sword and to throw the dirks. Josh teaches her the bow and once this is well learned she’ll be a ranger.”

Gwanth’s laughter was so loud that Josh and Morgan who were sitting on the soft green meadow grass beside Klaine looked up. “You have seen none better than this youngling with the bow. Haven’t I always bested you?”

Adelard replied in a gentle voice, “Always.” He knew there was no shame that this tall ranger was better at the bow than he was. “I haven’t known any better and only one as good.”

Gwanth asked, “Have you seen him shoot.”

The ranger replied, “I haven’t seen him fully tested yet.”

“Then how do you know he is a better shot than I am,” Gwanth didn’t want to quarrel with Adelard. They had been friends for a long time but she was certain of her ability and had won many gold coins for her rangers.

“Aonas told me and he would not speak false of this thing. You full well know that he was equal to you.”

“Sometimes,” she looked at Adelards stern face and sighed, “He was my equal.”

Adelard spoke again, his voice rang with pride. “Aonas told me that this youngling could shoot three feathered shafts to his one and that he could split an arrow while it was still in flight.”

Gwanth snorted, “In all the days of my knowing him Aonas never spoke false but it does sound like he made the truth a bit longer than it should be. A wager then, this gold piece,” she reached into her right front pocket and pulled out a new minted coin, “Against your gold piece.”

“Does gold fall so easily into your hand,” Adelard had huge grin on his face, “That you would wager on such a thing as this?”

“It often does from you,” a quick gamin grin was followed by a deft flick of her slender thumb. A bright, spinning streak of light sailed high into the air.

Adelard reached out to grab the descending coin. Faster than a striking cobra, a slim brown hand flashed out and snatched the gold piece from between his closing fingers. The coin and hand vanished into the pocket it came from.

She grinned once more, “A wager then.”

Adelard replied, “If the youngling will shoot.”

“Will he have fear to shoot against me?” Gwanth had great pride in her skill with the bow.